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AquaVac® 6 Series Cleaner

A constant suction power

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AquaVac® 6 Series Cleaner


+ Engineered with 18 hydrocyclones, SpinTech™ filterless technology creates a swirling spiral of suction maintaining maximum power until the job is done.

+ Easily navigates any pool surface : HexaDrive™ system climbs and thoroughly scrubs walls with six rugged variable-speed-driven rollers.

+ Our transparent TouchFree™ debris canister protects you from the mess : empties and rinses itself

+ AquaVac® 650 model can be controlled from your smartphone. Spot Clean remote steering feature for quick and easy touchups

+ Tug and Catch retrieval : the cleaner can very easily be taken out of the pool (only for AquaVac® 650)

Good to know

A first for pools, the power and consistency of cyclone vacuum technology are being integrated into a range of new-generation electric cleaners. No filter, remote management with a smartphone. You won’t have to get your hands dirty. Also featuring a futuristic design.



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AquaVac® 6 Series Cleaner

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AquaVac® 6 Series Cleaner

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