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TriVac™ 700 Cleaner

Amazing cleaning on all levels!

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TriVac™ 700 Cleaner


+ TriVac® 700, fitted with AquaDrive technology, cleans both the floor and surface. Its three venturi jets can suck up all types of debris

+ TriVac® 700 features a reverse mode that allows it to turn round, avoiding any risk of getting stuck

+ The wide suction inlet prevents the cleaner from becoming clogged

+ An extra-wide debris bag with integrated float means the Trivac® 700 can collect more debris, without being slowed or dragged down

+ Choice of cleaning mode: pool floor or skimming modes

Good to know

Some light debris do not sink to the bottom of the water (dead leaves, insects, etc.). That is why TriVacTM 700 is fitted with a “surface skimming” mode, in addition to a conventional "floor cleaning" mode. A real innovation: no other cleaner on the market has this feature!



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TriVac™ 700 Cleaner

TriVac™ 700 Cleaner - TVP700C

TriVac™ 700