Frequently Asked Questions - Answer

My pump no longer starts up and makes an electric groaning noise, what should I do?

This is a classic malfunction of the start-up capacitor. To make sure of this, start up the pump manually by pushing the fan round with an Allen key. If it starts up, replace the capacitor.

I have noticed a leak underneath my pump. What should I do?

If you detect a leak in tthe lower part, it is highly likely that the rotary union is the problem (mechanical seal).
To change this union, you will need to obtain either just this seal, or the union kit which includes all static seals and the mechanical seal all together.
This intervention is not very complicated but if you are not a fan of DIY, ask your pool specialist to do it.
However, do it quite quickly to avoid irreversible damage to the motor.
In most cases, a leak from the seal is a result of operation of the pump when it is not submerged (water is not passing through it). It is of primary importance that the pump always operates when submerged and with water passing through it, especially during priming phases.