Cleaners Configurator

Cleaners Configurator

To find out which cleaner is the best fit for your pool, access our configurator. It will make your life easier!

How do I choose the right pool cleaner for my specific requirements?

To choose the right cleaner for your pool, it is important to take into account the following criteria:

  • Pool size: a large pool will require a pool robot that can operate effectively across the entire pool. Certain models can cover larger areas than others.
  • Lining: pool cleaners are designed for different linings, such as tiling, liner, concrete...
  • Obstacles: if your pool has obstacles such as steps, corners, or zones that are difficult to access, it is best to opt for a cleaner that can work around these or is equipped with special features to overcome them.
  • Cleaning characteristics: pool cleaners offer different cleaning modes such as floor cleaning only, wall cleaning, waterline cleaning, etc.
  • Additional options and functions: certain cleaners are equipped with advanced functions such as programming of cleaning cycles, remote control, detection of obstacles.
  • Budget: decide on your budget and look for cleaners that offer the best value for money, whilst meeting your specific needs.


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