Our solutions for salt water pools

Our solutions for salt water pools

Restrictions are increasingly being applied to potable water use, to manage the effects of more frequent droughts. It is therefore essential to choose pool equipment that conserves natural resources, whilst offering an optimal bathing experience. Filling your pool with salt water and/ or sea water presents itself as a possible alternative.

At Hayward, we are proud to offer solutions adapted for salt water or sea water pool owners, offering a combination of durability, excellent performance and respect for the environment.

Our range of pumps suitable for use with salt water and sea water:

Hayward pumps stand out due to their reliability and optimal operation, even with salt water and sea water!

Thanks to robust, corrosion-resistant materials such as AISI316 stainless steel, our pumps stay in perfect condition even when exposed to high salt levels. This provides guaranteed optimal durability but also a constant standard of performance, even in the most demanding environments.

By choosing Hayward pumps, you are investing in a technology that combines quality with adaptability to salt water and sea water.

Our Hayward models suitable for salt water and sea water:

Pump TriStar® VSTD pool
TriStar® VSTD 
Pump K-Flo VSTD pool
Pump HCP3600 Pool

Our Hayward Commercial Aquatics pumps for public pools are also suitable for salt water and sea water.

Our SwimClear™ cartridge filters:

SwimClear™ Hayward filters stand out not just for their exceptional performance but also for their capacity to combine savings of up to 15,000 litres of water per year with salt water compatibility. Indeed, on the contrary to classic sand filters, our SwimClear™ filters do not require backwashing!

Our filters use high quality filtration elements that effectively capture impurities with minimal water loss. They also have very low head losses (up to a 10-fold reduction), enabling them to operate efficiently with reduced energy consumption.

This combination of water and energy savings, excellent performance and compatibility with salt water makes them an eco-friendly, versatile solution for pool owners facing the challenges of drought and who wish to minimise their ecological footprint. They are therefore ideal solution in places where water restrictions apply.

Our filters are available in a multi-element version requiring minimal maintenance, and a single element version for small spaces!

Cartridge filter Hayward SwimClear
Filter SwimClear™
Single element cartridge filter Hayward SwimClear
Single Element Cartridge filter SwimClear™

Our salt chlorinators:

Hayward salt chlorinators are the best solution to keep your pool clean, disinfected and maintain disinfecting properties of the water, all year round and in all conditions. No damage is caused to equipment, whether the electronics or the cell itself.

With our control boxes, suitable for conditions from 0g NaCl/l up tp 100g NaCl/l, you can rest assured that your salt chlorinator will cope with the highest salt levels, thus providing unrivalled flexibility. For reference, water from the Mediterranean Sea has a salt level of 39g NaCl/l and water from the Atlantic Ocean has a level of 35g NaCl/l.

In addition to their optimal adaptability, our salt chlorinators provide effective and long-lasting disinfection of your pool water. Thanks to their advanced salt chlorination technology, they continuously produce a powerful disinfectant that eliminates bacteria and impureties, thereby guaranteeing clean water that maintains its disinfecting properties and providing complete peace of mind to pool users.

Salt chlorinator Hayward AquaRite® HC LS NG Pool water treatment
Salt Chlorinator AquaRite® HC LS NG
Salt chlorinator Hayward AquaRite® UV LS NG Pool water treatment
Salt Chlorinator AquaRite® UV LS NG
Salt Chlorinator AquaRite + NG Hayward Water Treatment
Salt Chlorinator AquaRite® + NG

Our range of pool cleaners suitable for salt water:

Our Hayward pool cleaners are designed for optimal performance and versatility. They are also suitable for salt water environments.

Using their intelligent navigation systems and powerful brushes, they are able to remove debris and algae effectively. This results in optimal cleaning and reduces maintenance requirements, leaving you with even more free time to enjoy your pool!

Their cleaning efficiency also reduces the need to drain the pool, thus contributing to water savings.

Robot piscine Hayward TigerShark®
Pool cleaner TigerShark®

Our Full Inverter heat pumps:

Our Full Inverter heat pumps use an advanced technology that automatically adjusts the compressor speed to meet your pool heating requirements. This reduces energy consumption by 30% compared to ON/OFF models, whilst maintaining a comfortable water temperature.

Whether your pool contains fresh water or salt water, you can count on our range of Full Inverter heat pumps for reliable and energy-efficient performance throughout the season!

Pompe à chaleur piscine Hayward S.LINE PRO FI
 Full Inverter Heat pump S.LINE Pro Fi

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