Why should I favour good pool lighting?

What could be more pleasant than swimming on a hot summer’s night?

With LED lighting, you can also achieve colour effects and enhance your outdoor space. This new technology also uses less electricity than conventional lighting (10 times less). It also has an exceptionally long service lifetime (about 30 000 hours).

Led Lighting

LED lights: Significantly lower electricity consumption than conventional lights: 10 times less

Projector Niche LED - Cofies

Projector Niche LED - Cofies

ColorLogic® / CrystaLogic® an infinite array of LED lighting effects with low environmental impact

Projector Mini LED - Cofies

Projector Mini LED - Cofies

Mini LED spots for maximum light!

New! Projector Flat LED

Projector Flat LED

Simplify your lighting and installation with the flat Hayward® LED light

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