Sanitization of the water in your pool is essential so that you can enjoy it in total peace at all times. The effectiveness of sanitization products is not related to quantities used but instead to the precision and regularity of dosing. Hayward® proposes several technologies that will be able to meet the requirements of all pool configurations.


Salt Chlorinators

What is a pool salt chlorinator?

Salt electrolysis is a system for producing chlorine from the salt contained in pool water, and can be combined with water parameter control systems to ensure precise, effective, continuous treatment.

The pool chlorinator is a water treatment device that involves pouring salt into an outdoor pool, and transforming it into sodium hypochlorite (natural chlorine) through an electrolysis process. This element is then used to destroy bacteria, algae and fungi in the water, and to disinfect your bathing water. Under the action of the sun, sodium hypochlorite spontaneously reverts to salt, enabling the cycle to be repeated almost infinitely with very little intervention on your part. All without the usual drawbacks of chlorine: no odours, no irritation.

What are the benefits of salt chlorination as a pool water treatment method?

The advantages of salt chlorination are:

  • Simplified water treatment: the sanitization process uses a salt chlorinator and is therefore automated. Maintenance becomes less of a burden, because it is not necessary to add salt as frequently as disinfecting tablets.
  • Softer on the skin: salt chlorination does not pose any risk of irritation or allergy.
  • Safer: the danger associated with storing chemicals is entirely eliminated because salt is a natural substance.
  • Better for the environment: salt is not a polluant, and when filters are backwashed no chemicals are released into the wastewater system!
New! AquaRite® HC Low Salinity NG Salt Chlorinator

AquaRite® HC Low Salinity NG Salt Chlorinator

A low salt chlorinator for your swimming pool

New! AquaRite® UV Low Salinity NG Salt Chlorinator

AquaRite® UV Low Salinity NG Salt Chlorinator

A combination of 3 disinfection systems: ultraviolet, hydrolysis and low salinity electrolysis

New! AquaRite®  + NG Salt Chlorinator

AquaRite® + NG Salt Chlorinator

Not only a salt chlorinator!! The brain of your swimming pool

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Chemical Regulators

Discover our offer of chemical regulators

New! Control Station NG Chemical Regulator

Control Station NG Chemical Regulator

Control your pool remotely

New! Easy Chem Chemical Regulator

Easy Chem Chemical Regulator

Consistency, design and performance

New! Pro Chem Chemical Regulator

Pro Chem Chemical Regulator

Profesionnal treatment for swimming pool in a trendy design

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Chemical Feeders

Discover our chemical feeders

Chlorinators / Brominators

Chlorinators / Brominators

Hayward® chlorinators and brominators continuously diffuse chemical products in the pool to treat the water.

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Salt Concentration Computer
Salt Concentration Computer

Too much or not enough salt? You have selected to use a salt chlorinator for your pool, so regular checks on the concentration in your pool are required. Follow the advice given by our configurator to adjust the salt concentration!

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