Salt Chlorinator Configurator

Salt Chlorinator Configurator

Find the salt chlorinator best suited to your needs in a few clicks!

How do I choose the right salt chlorinator for my pool?

Here are some important points to take into account when choosing the right salt chlorinator for your pool:

  • Appliance flow rate: your salt chlorinator must be able to produce at least 2 grams of chlorine per hour for every 10 cubic metres of water. Therefore, the size of your pool must be considered.
  • Recommended salt quantity: check the recommended quantity of salt for the model. A salt chlorinator generally operates with less than 4 grams of salt per litre of water.
  • pH regulator: your salt chlorinator should ideally be equipped with an integrated pH regulator. If it is not, plan to add an external regulator for optimal operation. 
  • Additional options: some models offer additional functions such as remote control, an automatic salt level detector, or a water presence sensor.


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