A pool construction estimate: how does it work?

A pool construction estimate: how does it work?

Have you been dreaming for many years of having a pool in your garden?

Have you been dreaming for many years of having a pool in your garden? Do you at last have the right piece of land and sufficient funds to go through with your project? You are now one of the 450,000 households who are going to take the leap in the next few months!

Before launching, first plan the construction stages. Hayward will guide you through how to obtain a reliable estimate.

The questions you need to ask yourself before requesting an estimate

This question will appear obvious, but it is important to take the time to answer it correctly: why do you want a pool?

Do you want a pool for exercise, to refresh yourself in, for the children, to have a designer garden, etc.? Your answers will give you the key information that will determine the amount of the estimate and the type of construction work:

The more information you give into your project description when you request an estimate, the clearer it will be, and the more precise the estimate will be.

Essential information in the estimate

In order to avoid nasty surprises,  now identify the elements that must absolutely feature on your estimate:

Be careful, once the estimate has been signed, it becomes a contract and it is very difficult to terminate it later on.

Where should I go to get an estimate?

Depending on whether you choose to go through a professional pool specialist or do the project management yourself, it is essential to always request several estimates in order to compare their main points. This will allow you to ask more precise questions later with contractors and to detect the various tricks of disreputable constructors.

If you want to request an estimate online, you should know that it cannot be definitive: the person needs to carry out a visit to your site in order to assess the terrain and provide you with a more accurate estimate.

Finally, our last piece of advice: be wary of prices that are too low since this is often a sign of bad quality. Prioritize trustworthy service providers with reliable recommendations!

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