Exacting quality standards

Exacting quality standards

Offer robust products

Exacting quality standards

Our products are hard-wearing.

Our products are technologically advanced.

Our products are economical to run.

Quality has been key to our DNA ever since the company was founded. It is an essential value for our distributor partners and for each pool operator or owner.

We manage our product range with a constant focus on innovation and staying ahead of the competition. Our development strategy is based on acquiring market-leading companies in various sectors, so that we can become the specialists in each product category and bring our clients the best solutions on the market.

My father installed his pool in 1974. He chose a MaxFlo™ pump. It has only ever broken down once: in 2015, the pre-filter basket melted... because the water supply had been off for 8 hours! And after that? It started up again as good as new!”


Quality management and certifications

Our in-house laboratory looks after:

All Hayward brand pumps for in-ground pools meet European standards EN 60335-1 and EN 60335-2-41.

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