Developing your poolside area

Developing your poolside area

Coping, decking, pool lighting... Developing your poolside area is a crucial stage of your project, in terms of both style and practicality

You have defined the shape of your pool, selected a lining and made all the technical choices. Well done! But, you still have several decisions to make to transform your pool surround into a real living area that is both pleasant and practical. We answer all the important questions on pool lighting, optional extras, coping, decking and the immediate environment, to help you create the perfect place for poolside fun and relaxation all summer long.

Pool coping and decking : Two essentials design features - but that's not all!

Coping : the transition between the water inside the pool and the deck

It has a slightly raised edge to help keep the pool water clean - preventing too many leaves or pine needles from falling, for example. It also plays an important role in preventing rainwater from draining towards the pool and in reducing water losses due to splashing by swimmers, while making it easier to get in and out of the pool and providing a comfortable place to sit. Coping adds and attractive decorative finish to the pool and comes in a wide variety of colours, shapes and materials such as natural or reconstituted stone, concrete, wood or tile. But, in deciding how to edge your pool, it is also important to think about the practical aspects. Pool coping must be non-slip, and withstand frost, UV exposure and chlorinated water. Also bear in mind that dark colours can become scorching hot in the sun...

The pool deck : the area around the pool

Here too there is plenty of choice when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your poolside area, with options including a boat deck effect, stone tiles, terracotta and grass, enabling you to create an ambiance that matches your tastes, anywhere between a sleek, minimalist style with simple lines and a lush, natural oasis. Keep comfort in min and opt for a material that feels pleasant to walk on barefoot and does not get too hot in direct sunlight. And don't forget everyday upkeep! Grass is fresh, cool and soft, but not the best option for keeping your pool water clean.

Lighting and equipment : making your pool magical

Many of us dream of whiling away summer evenings over dinner with friends, sitting beside a beautifully illuminated swimming pool and gazing at the stars. Hayward's LED spotlights are a very easy - and economical - way to make this dream come true. They are available in white or colour and can be programmed to operate automatically, making them ideal to install as part of a renovation project. You can also enhance your pool with water features sich as a waterfall or water jets, which look attractive while providing fun for young and old alike. From sleek and contemporary to cool and funky, there's something to suit all tastes.

Pool houses, dining and relaxation areas, outdoor showers and children's games...

Turning a pool into a real outdoor living space

There are a whole host of ways to transform your pool area into a living space, depending on factors such as how the site is configured, and how far it is from the house, or the neighbours... Imagine the relaxation area you could create by adding deck chairs, daybeds, a gazebo or a swing seat, to bask peacefully in the sun. Don't forget you will also need some shade, so think carefully about how best to position parasols, pergolas or shade sails. A plant room or pool house is a convenient place to store outdoor equipment and pool games over the winter, or to install a shower or toilet.

If space and budget allow, consider creating a semi-sheltered outdoor kitchen and dining area. It is best to think about projects such as these early on, bearing in mind that they can always be implemented gradually over time.




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