Your pool, a new living room for your house

Your pool, a new living room for your house

The area around a pool has become a true living room just like any other.

The area around a pool has become a true living room just like any other. Meals in the open air, siestas in the shade, games with the children and your friends… Your outdoor space is evolving to become everything you want it to be!
 Taking care of your garden as soon as spring arrives is the best way to guarantee a hassle-free summer. After a touch of renovation work to bring your pool up to date with current fashions, known as pool-staging, why not take a look at the features surrounding it so that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the max?

pool living room

Your pool: the new dining room

A pool naturally goes hand in hand with … a barbecue! You have to admit that  sun and water together often bring the desire for grilled vegetables and meats, don’t you? If you don’t have enough space on your patio or in your pool house for an in-built barbecue, consider a portable plancha as an option to meet your grilling requirements!

To enjoy your barbecue in excellent conditions, allow yourself to be tempted by comfortable designer garden furniture. The trend blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor furniture to make the time you spend outside all the more comfortable. Large cushions, refined design, cosy seating and coloured structures are the name of the game.

pool dining room

Your pool: your relaxation zone 

When you get up from the table, a pause for a siesta is essential before jumping in the water. In the shade of the trees, a parasol or your pergola, relax into a sofa or an outdoor canopy bed. If you are a little light-hearted, choose a swing seat or a hammock and let yourself be rocked by the breeze.

Your choice of pool furniture will make all the difference to your moments of relaxation!

pool relaxation

Your pool: a place to escape in

Surround yourself with handsome plants in colourful ceramic pots, large candles for a bohemian touch and fairy lights to light up your patio on summer evenings. Lastly, decorate your floors with outdoor mats covered in coloured graphic motifs, and let yourself be carried away to exotic locations!

To finish off, don’t forget the lighting in and around your pool to add atmosphere to your evenings: in addition to ensuring the pool is a safe environment and avoiding slips and falls, the coloured LEDs create a very warm atmosphere.

pool escape place

Your pool: a place to have fun

And when the moment arrives to go out in the sun, you can (at last) start to have fun! A large number of water games will delight both the young and the young-at-heart: inflatable balls and other giant floats will keep you amused. To the side of your pool, a ping-pong table and a trampoline will be more than welcome to liven up the space. And when a bad loser starts to complain too much, suggest that they go for a dip to calm down!

pool place to have fun
For more inspiration, take a look at Pinterest to discover beautiful garden furniture, dream pools and garden designs with integrated pools.

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