Let’s focus on pools with moving floors

Let’s focus on pools with moving floors

Not well-known amongst the wider public, pools with movable floors have many advantages.

Not well-known amongst the wider public, pools with movable floors have many advantages. Safety, design, multiple uses; over and above the gadget aspect that is sometimes mentioned, their uses and practicalities are undeniable. Hayward provides you with a recap of everything you need to know about these exceptional pools.

What is a movable floor?

As indicated in the name, an adjustable structure is integrated into the floor of your pool to modify its depth. It is a plateau that rises and falls as you wish, and which can rise high enough to hide the pool and become a protective cover.

Equipped with a control unit that needs to be protected in your plant room, the movable floor is easy to include in the construction stage of your pool. It can also be added to a pool that already exists, although this is more restrictive.

Imagine the reaction of your guests when they discover a secret pool in your garden or in a room in your house: memorable moments guaranteed!

What is it for?

One of the primary functions of the movable floor is the guaranteed security that it brings. Firstly for children, because the water depth can be adjusted to their height, to transform the pool into a paddling pool for example. Also for your entourage, because the structure can cover over the entire pool basin and therefore prevent falls. Thus, the cover meets the requirements of the law concerning standardized protection systems. Lastly, the system is perfectly adapted to the needs of disabled persons.

This multi-use pool will also meet your sports requirements by being able to cater for water aerobics or aqua cycling sessions.

Another essential aspect: extra space. Indeed, if you have a small outdoor space, but despite this you want all the benefits of having a pool, your dilemma is at last resolved. Find out more about the various models for small pools in our article about the mini-pool trend.

Once the pool has been covered by the ultra-solid movable floor, your pool is transformed into a patio and you can use the space for meals with your friends!  To make the most of this space, take a look at our 5 decoration ideas for a welcoming and pleasant outdoor area.

Construction works & cost

The movable floor can be integrated into a pool that is already in place if several conditions are met. You pool must be in-ground, have a flat floor and vertical walls, the ladder must not be submerged, and lastly the water treatment system must be suitable. As you can see, it is simpler and less expensive to construct your pool with a movable floor right from the start.

To integrate a modular structure into a pool, a large budget is necessary since the prices can vary from € 10,000 to € 100,000 or more, depending on the size of the pool.

Lastly, it is important to know that pool maintenance will be more complicated, although the protection cover shelters your pool from leaves and other debris!

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