Hayward’s connected solutions for your pool

Hayward’s connected solutions for your pool

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to manage your pool remotely?

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to manage your pool remotely? Hayward provides you with the answer to simplify maintenance of your pool through its connected solutions. Less maintenance and more savings: a dream, isn’t it?

control your pool remotely

A connected box depending on the method of water treatment

Do you want to delegate repetitive and technical tasks whilst maintaining permanent control over your pool? Our treatment and control appliances will meet your requirements. Thus, you will be able to manage your various pool equipment remotely and make the water treatment easier.

In real time, the box adapted to your pool manages water treatment, pH and Redox, allowing you to control the filtration, the heat pump, the lighting and your additional equipment.

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Aquarite + & Control Station

Control station: pool equipment control and water treatment by injection of liquid disinfectant

If you treat the pool waterl with chlorine or bromine, the Control Station connected box will optimise treatment of your pool thanks to the remote control of your equipment and injection of disinfectant (liquid chlorine, bromine) in real time.

As an option, the Control Station can be equipped with the free chlorine measurement probe.

AquaRite +: pool equipment control, and water treatment by salt chlorination 

A connected salt chlorinator to provide you with clean water. The AquaRite + helps you manage the same functions as the Control Station connected box: management of the filtration periods, heating control, lighting and additional equipment.

The Poolwatch application to control all your equipment.

Download our Poolwatch application for free and easy programming of your equipment. Temperature, pH and ORP level, filtration, lighting: it’s all there!

The pool of the future is available for you now. Available on Google Play and Apple Store.

hayward connected solutions for your pool

New generation equipment for greater savings.

Always advancing with new innovations, Hayward proposes a winning combination for optimal maintenance of your pool.

The Tristar VSTD variable speed pump:

Up to 85% of savings*

Top item of energy expenditure for a pool, the pump is an essential piece of equipment for your pool filtration. The TriStar variable speed pump adapts its speed in line with pool requirements and connects to other equipment for comprehensive optimisation of its operation.

*Potential savings generally observed to be 65%

The SwimClear large capacity cartridge filter: – 6000 L of water per year.

With cartridge filter technology, there is no need for backwashing nor additional products such as flocculants. Comfort and savings in sight! The SwimClear filter saves 6000 L of water per year on average: it is the ideal partner for a variable speed pump.

The EnergyLine Pro Inverter heat pump: + 30 % of savings.

Hayward completes its range of heat pumps with 4 new models equipped with the Inverter technology. This technology automatically regulates the power of the compressor in line with the outside conditions to maintain the pool at the selected temperature, allowing savings of up to 30 %.

control your pool remotely hayward solutions

Lastly, to manage your heat pump remotely, all you need to do is download the SmartTemp application. It will display the main information in real time and modify the following parameters: temperature, operating times, operating mode. Download it from Google Play and Apple Store.

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