Full Inverter Technology

Full Inverter Technology

What is IN-Tech full Inverter Technology?

What is IN-Tech full inverter technology?

IN-TECH FULL INVERTER TECHNOLOGY by HAYWARD®, is the combination of a high-performance Inverter compressor and a DC technology Inverter fan .

This combination allows precise regulation and adjustment of power levels as weather conditions and the energy requirements of the pool change.

The power adjustment is continuous and is not restricted to 2 or 3 power levels such as the step converter.

A rapid rise in temperature is obtained, along with precise and economical stability of the temperature throughout the season, with up to 30% energy savings in comparison to a on / off heat pump.


1/ Silent

In Inverter technology, the components (compressor and fan) function at very low speeds when the temperature is held stable, which reduces the sound level to air movement only (around 20dB).


2/ R32 : high-performing refrigerant fluid

Hayward® is introducing a refrigerant fluid: R32.

Compared to R410A, it:


3/ High-tech controllers 

The high performance of Hayward® heat pumps is linked to the high-tech nature of the control modules 

2 intelligent touch-sensitive controllers are included in the range, allowing: 



4/ EyesPool Connect module

All Hayward® Inverter Heat Pumps can be managed remotely thanks to the EyesPool Connect module, which comes as an option in the Easy Temp® range, and as a standard in the EnergyLine Pro range.

The module can be managed via a smartphone by downloading the Hayward® EyesPool Connect application on Google Play or in the App Store.

The application allows you to monitor your Heat Pump precisely, by means of a user-friendly control interface.

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