Variable speed pumps

Variable speed pumps

Why choose a variable speed pump?

Why choose a variable-speed pump?


1/ Silent running

Variable-speed pumps are particularly quiet when running at low speed.


2/ Reduced speed

The advantages of using a variable-speed pump are based on the fact that they can be run longer at low speed, while consuming less energy.


3/ Energy savings

It is estimated that electricity consumption can be reduced by up to 85%*.


4/ Water quality

Variable-speed pumps optimise sand filtration quality. The quality of pool water is 80% dependent on the quality of its filtration. Using a variable-speed pump will significantly increase this filtration quality, thanks to the water passing more slowly through the granular filtering media.


5/ Flexibility

Benefit from a wide range of pump speeds to customise your needs according to your pool equipment.

* Energy savings of at least 65% are generally achieved.

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