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How do I clean the cartridge in my SwimClear filter?

From the moment a cartridge is installed to the time it is cleaned, dirt progressively accumulates in the cartridge and increases the pressure indicated on the filter pressure gauge.

The difference between the pressure displayed for a newly installed cartridge and the pressure displayed when cleaning is required should not exceed 0.7 bar. When this point is reached, close the valves to isolate the filter from the pool, empty the filter tank by opening the upper air release and removing the drainage plug.

The cartridge can then be extracted according to the instructions in the manual. The cartridge can be cleaned in one of two ways: either under a stream of water using a garden hose (but not with a pressure cleaner), or by allowing it to dry completely and carefully brushing the cartridge pleats with a soft brush before vacuuming up the rest with a hoover.

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