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How do I ensure my heating solution is the correct size for my pool?

These are the key stages in determining the right heating power for your pool.

  1. Calculate the volume of water in your pool: measure the length, width and depth of your pool. Multiply these dimensions together to find the total volume in cubic metres.
  2. Select the type of heating: decide whether you want to use a heat pump or a heat exchanger.
  3. Consider the desired temperature: decide what temperature you want your pool to be heated to. This may vary depending on your personnal preference and the climate conditions in your area.
  4. Determine the required power: use the following calculation to estimate the required power.

    Power = Volume of water x Temperature differences x Conversion factor. The conversion factor depends on the type of heating selected.

  5. Consider other factors: other elements must be taken into account, such as the outdoor temperature, humidity levels, exposure to the wind, etc.


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