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My Inverter pool heat pump is not stopping, is this normal?

The heat pump stops operating when the setpoint is exceeded by 1 °C for 20 minutes at the intake. At this point, the compressor will begin to reduce its operating regime (Inverter technology does not stop immediately) and will therefore continue to produce heat.

The time it takes to stop completely depends on the operating regime running when the order to stop is given. Looking at another example: a car moving at 150 km/h will take longer to stop than a car moving at 50 km/h once we take our foot off the accelerator. This can cause the setpoint to be briefly exceeded (in particular, during good weather when the heat pump is aided by solar radiation).

The heat pump restarts following the same process, but in reverse. When the temperature is one degree below the setpoint for 20 minutes at the water intake, the heat pump restarts progressively: start-up of the fan, then the compressor 3 minutes later. The compressor starts progressively from 1% of its power to the power required for the chosen setpoint, and a delta T of 2 °C will therefore not be reached instantaneously.

In summary:

  • With a setpoint of 28 °C
  • Operation stops if 29 °C at the intake for 20 minutes
  • Start-up if 27 °C at the intake for 20 minutes

If the value at the water intake is clearly higher (4/5 °C), contact your reseller.

A test must be performed to check correct operation. You will need to close the water intake valve, the heat pump should display E03 and the compressor should stop. If this is not the case, contact your installer.

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