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Connected pools: what are the benefits?

In terms of water treatment, maintenance and user comfort, connected pools offer incomparable advantages thanks to remote management of their equipment.

What is a connected (or “smart”) pool?

Bringing the principle of home automation into the realm of swimming, smart pools consist of inter-connected equipment linked via a Wi-Fi connection. This means they can be managed remotely and certain actions can be scheduled in advance or automatised, thus eliminating the possibility of forgetting to treat the water.

This solution requires installation of a connected box next to the pool’s electricity cabinet, and of an app on your smartphone or touch-sensitive tablet that can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play apps.

Depending on the model, you can visualise the pH, water temperature, filtration, water treatment, etc., in real time and manage them remotely.

What are the benefits of a connected pool?

There are multiple benefits to this innovative, high-tech solution! A connected pool saves you valuable time, given that its systems take charge of many tasks. You no longer need to move or travel to perform each operation since these can be activated remotely.

Thanks to the automatic maintenance, you can enjoy high-quality water with full peace of mind at all times. Pool analysis, water treatment dosage, water monitoring... these are all repetitive, fastidious tasks that you can automate. The connected system can even alert you to low stock of treatment products and tell you when you need to restock!

Lastly, you will see significant savings with a connected pool. No more unnecessary costs! Everything is calculated to a very high degree of precision in terms of water consumption, energy and maintenance products.

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