A mini pool for a small garden: the right choices

A mini pool for a small garden: the right choices

Do you dream of having a pool in your small garden? Discover Hayward's advice on choosing your small pool.

Spring is coming to an end, the temperatures are rising and you have just one wish: to enjoy summer fun in the water... Don't worry, even with a small patch of garden, whether in the city or the countryside, you can still plan to install a pool. This is a strong trend in the market, at a time when plot sizes are constantly reducing. Pool builders now offer solutions that can turn this wish into reality: mini pools.

For a mini pool, what size and type of construction is optimal?

As many large pool owners will tell you, you don't need a large pool to have fun all summer. In fact, a 4m x 4m pool is enough to keep children happy and let the parents take a cool dip when they want. Generally, swimming lengths back-and-forth is not the top priority, even though counter-current swimming systems also allow you to swim in a mini-pool! Less expensive in terms of installation and maintenance, mini pools are easy to fit in almost everywhere, even in urban gardens.

  • Depending on your terrain configuration, choose a round, square or free-form shape. Kit-based models come at lower prices, but a custom-built pool is sometimes the only option to optimise space. Remember to maximise the amount of sunshine your pool will receive. 
  • Although pools under 10 ㎡ don't require a construction permit, take into account the rules applying to semi-detached housing and joint ownership property, especially if you live in an urban area.
  • Fibreglass, kits, masonry... All construction techniques are feasible for both small and large pools, it's simply a question of budget!

What equipment should I choose for a small pool?

The pool size and its proximity to the house require certain technical choices, in terms of volume, comfort, energy performance and environmental constraints.

How do I clean a small pool?

The benefits of cartridge filters

In comparison with a classic sand filter, a cartridge filter has a far smaller footprint and unbeatable simple installation. This is also the best system for mini pools: no need for backwhasing so there is no disposal of chlorinated water through your household pipes. This is an important point when we consider that more and more local councils are implementing bans on this practice.

SwimClear™ Filter

The essential variable speed pump

The pump power depends on the volume of water to be renewed. For a small pool, a large pump will be over-dimensioned for your clean water requirement. In an ideal combination with the cartridge filter, the variable speed pump presents a real advantage for reducing operating noise and saving energy. Since it operates for longer for more slowly, it is much quieter and consumes much less electricity. A real delight so you can calmly refresh your ideas during the day and enjoy peaceful sleep at night. The neighbours will thank you too!

TriStar® VSTD Pump

How do you treat water in a small pool?

The simplicity of salt electrolysis

For water treatment, salt electrolysis is recommended by its users due to its simplicity. Salt chlorinators take up very little space, which is undeniable advantage when surface area is limited. Easy to install and with remote management, Hayward's Salt & Swim® 2.0 + slat chlorinator model operates via Bluetooth, a technology that makes remote management much more accessible than WiFi. Its smart box will allow you to manage your pool's sanitization from your smartphone or tablet. You can also manage your garden lighting in a few clicks.

Salt & Swim® 2.0 + Salt Chlorinator


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