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Salt&Swim® 2.0 + salt chlorinator

Salt chlorinator with integrated Bluetooth connection

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Salt&Swim® 2.0 + salt chlorinator


  • Salt chlorinator covering a wide range of chlorine production: 8, 16, 22, 33 gr/h of chlorine
  • Control of your filtration pump (2 modes : manual - automatic)
  • Supply and control your LED light up to 50W (changing program for RGB LED)
  • All your parameters are managed by a dedicated free application (Bluetooth connection)
  • Detection of presence of a pool cover for adjustment of chlorine production
  • Suitable for all pool sizes from 30 m3 to 150 m3
  • Avoid buying clock and transformer with electrical cabinet
  • Only 1 unit to control all your pool equipment
  • Input for external control of chlorine production (dry contact)

Good to know

Application "Salt&Swim+" dedicated to Salt & Swim® 2.0 + with bluetooth control

  • Managed your disinfection, filtration and lighting from your smartphone
  • Intuitive app and easy to configure


Salt Concentration Computer

Salt Concentration Computer

Too much or not enough salt? You have selected to use a salt chlorinator for your pool, so regular checks on the concentration in your pool are required. Follow the advice given by our configurator to adjust the salt concentration!

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