Is an eco-friendly pool really possible?

Is an eco-friendly pool really possible?

Even if a pool will never be 100% ecological, equipment choices can significantly reduce its impact on the environment. Discover Hayward's advice for an eco-friendly pool!

How to take it easy without destroying the environment... this is today's dilemna that we are all trying to resolve. Even if a pool will never be 100% ecological, equipment choices can significantly reduce its impact on the environment. And in the end, as you will see, everyone is a winner!

Cartridge filters: better for the environment

Today, the vast majority of pools are equipped with sand filters. Although this system is relatively effective and cost-effective at the time of purchase, it is not the most eco-friendly option. The best choice for the environment is a cartridge filter. With filtration twice as fine as sand filters, backwashing every 15 days is not required. A jet of water applied once or twice a year is sufficient. As a result, water savings add up to 12 000 litres each year, and no chemicals are released into the environment. In addition, cartridge filters are very easy to install, have a much smaller ground footprint and require very little maintenance. Advantages on all front!

SwimClear Filter Hayward

SwimClear™ Filter

Energy savings from variable speed pumps

Variable speed filtration pumps (low consumption) are flooding the pools market little by little. And they have many benefits. What's their secret? As opposed to traditional pumps that always run at the same speed, variable speed pumps operate at reduced speed for longer, and consume less energy. Thus, you can make energy savings up to 85%* and your pump will pay for itself in 3 seasons! This is especially true for Hayward's TriStar variable speed pump. For an equivalent electrical power, it is more efficient and has higher flow rates than classic pumps. Lastly, if you combine a cartridge filter with a variable speed pump, the benefits will truly begin to stack up!

*Running at low speed. Electricity savings og 65% are generally achieved.

TriStar Variable Speed Pump Hayward

TriStar® VSTD Pump

Fewer sanitization products for your low consumption pool

Keeping your pool water clean and healthy is not always easy. Especially when it's hot and the pool is in constant use. The concern is that the water will turn green. The best way to guarantee perfectly balanced water at all times and avoid having to "over-chlorinate" your pool is to invest in a control appliance. The device will make all pH and ORP adjustments for you, automatically. Consequently, you will be using just the right amount of chemicals, no more, no less. These have undeniable effect on the environment, and over time their cost does build up. For example, Hayward's AquaRite UV LS Salt Chlorinator associates salt chlorination, hydrolysis and UV technology to provide you with perfectly pure and healthy water at a very low salt concentration. The pinnacle of safety, it can be managed remotely from a smartphone or tablet, and also reduces your pool's energy consumption.

Salt Chlorinator AquaRite® UV LS Hayward

AquaRite® UV LS Salt Chlorinator

Energy savings with LED technology

Pool lighting brings a toucbh of magic to summer nights - and smart LED spotlights are cost-effective as well as smart. Ultra-simple to fit and suitable for all types of pool, Hayward's flat LED spotlights can be installed in new-build or renovation pool projects. They can help you make electricity savings up to 90%.

Hayward Projector Flat LED

Projector Flat LED - White & RGB

A less energy-intensive heat pump with Full Inverter Technology

Make electricity savings of up to 30% with the Full Inverter technology in our heat pumps! Thanks to this Full Inverter technology, the heat pump adapts to the outdoor weather conditions in real time to maintain the desired water temperature at minimal cost. This leads to visible savings on electricity bills. But there's more: the R32 refrigerant reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the heat pump by 60% and has zero impact on the ozone layer. The S.Line Pro Fi heat pump is ultra-quiet and fitted with a dual rotary compressor combined with a DC fan to fine-tune the balance between thermal comfort and energy savings.

S.Line Pro Fi Heat Pump Hayward

S.Line Pro Fi Heat Pump

Don't forget to cover your pool!

By covering your pool as early as possible with a bubble cover or shutter or mesh, you will reduce the amount of leaves and dirt that get into it. Your water will therefore stay cleaner for longer and you reduce the use of sanitization products. Another key advantage: you reduce the loss of calories and therefore heat from the water, particularly during the night. Absolutely essential if you have a heating system. By using a cover, you minimise operating time and therefore your energy consumption. Covering your pool is the first eco-friendly step to take for a low-consumption pool!


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