How long does weekly pool maintenance take?

How long does weekly pool maintenance take?

Before you take the plunge and invest in a pool, it's important to think through the practicalities. How long will you need to spend on pool maintenance each week? Too long, some might say! And yet, thanks to the latest innovations, the situation is radically different these days. Looking after your pool during the swimming season is no longer highly complicated or excessively time-consuming, because the latest smart equipment does (almost) everything for you. So, forget panic-inducing pH readings, put down the skimmer net, settle back on a sun lounger and admire your crystal-clear pool.

Smart pool maintenance - save money and spend more time enjoying your pool

Smart equipment has revolutionised pool maintenance to make your life easier than ever. Whether it's pH levels, water purity or temperature, filter clogging or pump operation, you can choose what to automate according to yout budget. And there's nothing to stop you from starting simple and upgrading your system as time goes on. One thing is for sure, automated equipment will save you both time and money, by optimising treatment product consumption for example.

How to maintain your pool in just 20 minutes a week


Enter the robotic cleaner: choose between electrical and hydraulic suction systems. Both have their advantages, which are different depending on whether your pool is in-ground or above-ground. Some robotic cleaners are capable of cleaning all areas of your pool: the floor, the walls and the water line. One such example is the electrical Hayward TigerShark®, which takes just 4 hours to clean and entire pool (up to 6 x 12m). So why spend hours with a scrubbing brush?

Time required: 15 minutes to finish off the details.

Water treatment

If memories of your school chemistry lessons are a little fuzzy, opt for an automated pool management system. Chlorinators and brominators release chlorine or bromine continuously. If you're using salt chlorination, one of today's most popular solutions, the latest-generation salt chlorinators use the salt present in the pool water to make chlorine in real time, with no intervention from you. You can pair them with a smart pH and ORP management system. Hayward's flagship water treatment system, the AquaRite® +, regulates and controls various pieces of pool equipment (pH included, ORP optional). If you prefer a liquid chlorine injection system, the Control Station will meet your needs perfectly.

Time required: 1 minute to check everything is working correctly.


Here again, you can minimise the time you spend on pool maintenance. Rather than a sand filter which needs to be backwashed regularly, choose a cartridge filter. Some models, like the SwimClear™ multi-element cartridge filter only need one maintenance session per season. Watch the video!

There is a vast choice of pool pumps available, ranging from single-speed pumps to ultra-quiet variable speed pumps which operate continuously at low speeds to improve water quality and cut electricity consumption. The Hayward TriStar® VSTD, Max-Flo XL™ VSTD and K-Flo VSTD lead the field.

Time required: 1 minute to check that the pre-filter is clean and you're good to go!

Water level

Usage, wind and sunshine naturally cause the water level in your pool to drop. You should check regularly that the water line is sitting correctly, two thirds of the way up the skimmer. If you let it drop too low, you could cause irreversible damage to your pump. That's why you will need to top your pool up from time to time - unless you fit a water-level adjuster to manage the level for you. It's a useful piece of kit day-to-day, but really comes into its own when you're away on holiday.

Time required: 1 minute to make sure everything is working well.

Connected pools: the luxury of managing your pool remotely

A WiFi box helps you manage all your pool parameters quickly and easily from your smartphone or tablet. The Hayward Control Station and AquaRite® + can control the filtration, heating and lighting for your pool, as well as water treatment. And as an added bonus, they're compatible with equipment from other manufacturers. With a connected pool, you're guaranteed to spend more time in the water than in the pump room!

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