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Control Station Chemical Regulator

Control your pool remotely

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Control Station Chemical Regulator


+ A single control box for remote device regulation and control

+ 4 auxiliary relays for control and management of filtration cycles, heat regulation, lighting and also for an additional equipment (outdoor lighting, water feature...)

+ Three 230V output voltage auxiliary relays including dosing pump for pH and disinfectant

+ Optional probe for free chlorine measurement

+ Sold with the Sense & Dispense module for a continuous pH and Redox (water disinfectant capacity) control*

+ Two dosing pumps for pH regulation and liquid chlorine injection*

+ Wi-fi module : simple, trouble-free remote management 

*Only available for CST-CTL-PHORP



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Control Station Chemical Regulator

Control Station Chemical Regulator - CST-CTL-PHORP

Control Station