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Chlorinators / Brominators

Hayward® chlorinators and brominators continuously diffuse chemical products in the pool to treat the water.

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Chlorinators / Brominators


  • How it works: chlorine or bromine pellets are put in in the diffuser. The water rises into the diffuser and a mixture is created then injected into the pool water system. Then simply check the water using the test strips and adjust the product concentration accordingly.
  • Installation in the pool shed, ensuring no accidental contact with concentrated chemical products, for improved safety
  • Healthier water for several weeks
  • Control valve for easy regulation of the chlorine or bromine levels
  • Available in 2.5, 4, 7 and 14kg bags, for all pool sizes

Good to know

For swimming in balanced and healthy water, you must regularly control the disinfectant levels as well as the water's pH and hardness, correcting them when necessary.

Note: never mix chlorine and bromine together! These products are very dangerous when mixed.


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Chlorinators / Brominators

Chlorinators / Brominators - CL0100EURO

Inline chlorinator (for 1.5" connection)

Chlorinators / Brominators

Chlorinators / Brominators - CL0110EURO

Off-line chlorinator

Chlorinators / Brominators

Chlorinators / Brominators - CL0200EURO

Inline chlorinator 4kg (for 1.5" connection)

Chlorinators / Brominators

Chlorinators / Brominators - CL220EURO

Off-line chlorinator