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Salt & Swim® 2.0

New generation salt chlorinator

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Salt & Swim® 2.0


  • Salt chlorinator covering a wide range of chlorine production: 8, 16, 22, 33 g/h/cl
  • Production configuration thanks to the LED display
  • Transparent cell for visual checks on production.  Gas detector included as standard
  • Detection of presence of a pool cover for adjustment of chlorine production
  • Flow detector kit as an option
  • 5 levels possible of chlorine production (20, 40, 60, 80, 100%)

INCLUDED: Cl Production only / Plug & Play

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Precise and user-friendly controls thanks to the LED display
Salt & Swim® 2.0 changes colour depending on the control selection made, in particular for chlorine production with or without a closed pool shutter.

Installation of the cell in piping :
Installation in a vertical position, on by-pass, at the highest point of the installations


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Salt Concentration Computer
Salt Concentration Computer

Too much or not enough salt? You have selected to use a salt chlorinator for your pool, so regular checks on the concentration in your pool are required. Follow the advice given by our configurator to adjust the salt concentration!

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Salt & Swim® 33g/h/cl

Salt & Swim® 33g/h/cl - SASV33CEU

New generation salt chlorinator

Salt & Swim® 22g/h/cl

Salt & Swim® 22g/h/cl - SASV22CEU

New generation salt chlorinator

Salt & Swim® 16g/h/cl

Salt & Swim® 16g/h/cl - SASV16CEU

New generation salt chlorinator

Salt & Swim® 8g/h/cl

Salt & Swim® 8g/h/cl - SASV08CEU

New generation salt chlorinator