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What are the best practices for using and maintaining a pool cleaner?

To ensure optimal use and adequate maintenance of your pool cleaner, here are a few best practices:

  • Carefully read the user manual: familiarise yourself with the instructions in the user manual. This will help you understand how the cleaner works and avoid potentiel errors.
  • Prepare your pool: before switching on the cleaner, make sure there are no large items such as leaves, branches, toys, etc. in the pool. This will allow the cleaner to operate more effectively and prevent blockages.
  • Programme regular cleaning cycles: taking into account how often your pool is used, and the quantity of accumulated dirt, programme regular cleaning cycles to maintain a clean pool basin. The cleaners can be programmed to clean automatically at specific times of day. 
  • Monitor the filter and clean it regularly: check and clean the filter in the pool cleaner regularly. An obstructed filter reduces cleaning effectiveness.
  • Empty out and rinse the filtration bag: if your pool cleaner uses a filtration bag, empty it out after each cleaning cycle. Rinse it with clean water to remove the remaining debris. A clean filtration bag improves performance of the cleaner.
  • Check the brushes and rollers: regularly inspect the brushes and rollers on the pool cleaner to make sure they are not damaged or worn. Replace them if necessary to maintain optimal cleaning efficiency.
  • Tidy the cleaner away correctly: after use, rinse the cleaner with clean water to eliminate any chlorine or chemical residues. To avoid damage, store it in a dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Perform regular maintenance: if your pool cleaner requires regular maintenance such as replacement of worn parts, follow the recommendations in the notice and carry out the necessary repairs.

By following good practices, you will extend the lifetime of your pool cleaner and maintain a clean pool that is pleasant to use.


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