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What are the best maintenance practices for a pool filter?

The best maintenance practices for a pool filter vary according to the type of filter, whether this is a cartridge filter, a sand filter or a diatomaceous earth filter.

Here is some maintenance advice for the different types of filter:

Cartridge filter:

  • Check the pressure: remove the cartridge when the pressure is 3 to 4 kg above normal. High pressure is a sign that it is time to clean the cartridge.
  • Switch off the pump: before cleaning the filter, make sure you turn off the power supply to switch off the pump.
  • Clean the cartridge: the cartridges can be cleaned with a jet of water. Then, decide whether a deep-clean is required, using specific de-greasing and de-calcifying products.
  • Replace the cartridge: after a number of years, it may be necessary to replace the filter cartridge.

Sand filter:

  • Back-washing: backwash the sand filter regularly to eliminate the accumulated debris. Switch off the pump, position the 6-way valve to "backwashing" and re-start the pump to trigger the backwashing. Then, perform a rinse.
  • Verify the pressure: monitor the reading on the sand filter pressure gauge. A significant increase in pressure indicates that it is time to perform backwashing.
  • Replacement of the sand: replacement of the sand in the filter is recommended every 3 to 5 years to ensure the filter remains effective.

Diatomaceous filter:

  • Monitor the pressure gauge: regularly check the reading on the pressure gauge of the diatomaceous filter. An increase in pressure indicates that cleaning is necessary.
  • Clean the filtration cake: when the diatomaceous earth filter is clogged, take it apart and clean the filtration cake using a special cleaning product. Follow the instructions on the notice regarding this cleaning process.
  • Recharge the filter: after cleaning, recharge the filter with a new diatomaceous earth to ensure optimal filtration.

We recommend that you read the instruction manual for your filter model and follow the recommendations for appropriate maintenance.

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