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How can I calculate the power required for a pool heat pump?

Follow these steps to calculate the power required for a pool heat pump:

  1. Take into account the volume of water in the pool: the heat pump power depends on the volume of water to heat.
  2. Consider the climate zone: the region in which the pool is located affects the average outdoor temperature and sunshine, which influences the power requirement of the heat pump.
  3. Take into account the desired water temperature: the temperature you want to heat your pool water to affects the power required for the heat pump.
  4. Take into account the bathing season: heating your pool will require more calories in November than in July.
  5. Consider the pool insulation: insulating the pool with a shutter, a cover or a shelter will reduce heat losses and therefore have a positive impact on the heat pump power required.
  6. Take other factors into account: some other factors such as the humidity rate & exposure to the wind can influence the power calculation.

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