The current top five swimming pool trends

The current top five swimming pool trends

Are you thinking of building a pool for your home, but still unsure about the strategic choices? These must-have trends for contemporary pools are sure to give you a few ideas.

#1: Subdued colours for stylish pools

Gone are the days of flashy, bright-blue pools. Nowadays, linings in a host of shades of grey or even black are highly sought-after, to obtain a natural water colour that blends in with its environment. From liners to minimalist tiling, paint or plaster, there are lots of ways to add colour to your pool. The detail that makes all the difference? Matching embedded parts. Hayward proposes a range of nozzles, skimmers and main drains in light or dark grey, sand or white.

#2: Smart pool equipment: the ultimate in convenience

Maintaining a pool is too time-consuming? Not if it is properly equipped. With Hayward's smart, automated maintenance solutions you can now control your pool using your smartphone or tablet, at home or anywhere else. Delegating various tasks to a smart system is the key to optimising maintenance. And water and energy consumption too!

#3: Pool sizes to suit all needs

Even if your garden is small, you can still dream of having a swimming pool. A small pool has lots of benefits including reduced costs, maintenance and water consumption. For sports enthusiasts, lap pools are both practical and highly stylish. Mini pools have surged in popularity, and are ideal if you just want to cool off and have fun with the kids.

#4. More natural ways to sanitize pool water

Hybrid systems combining UV and salt chlorination with water hydrolysis, such as Hayward's AquaRite® UV LS, offer unrivalled performance and are gaining momentum. These water sanitization systems are odourless and gentle on the skin as well as being environmentally-friendly and better for equipment in the long term. A solution with a bright future in store!

Salt Chlorinator AquaRite UV LS swimmingpool Hayward

#5. Eco-friendly swimming pools

Swimming pools are often criticised for their environmental impact, but they are developing very fast. The latest generation of equipment reduces water, product and energy consumption to a minimum. It is also possible to install a solar PV system dedicated to supplying your pool with electricity. These are things to be considered as part of a construction or renovation project.

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