Connected pool solutions: manage your swimming pool remotely

Connected pool solutions: manage your swimming pool remotely

We've been enjoying the benefits of home automation and connected technologies in many areas for several years. Swimming pools are no exception. With solutions constantly improving, remote management is making day-to-day maintenance easier and easier. Let's take a look at the various different connected solutions that are now available to take the stress out of pool ownership.

Water treatment - and that's just the beginning!

Wish you could delegate those pesky maintenance tasks without losing sight of your pool's condition? A connected control box can help with this and much more! Not only will it enable you to manage water treatment, pH and ORP remotely and in real time, you can use it to control your pool's filtration, heat pump, lighting and various other pieces of equipment too!

How does it work?

All you need to get started is a control box and an app. The best solution for you will depend on whether you use chlorine or salt chlorination in your pool. Choose between these two control boxes:

The Hayward Control Station: a pool and water treatment management solution for liquid chlorine pools

If you use chlorine to treat your pool water, the Control Station can manage the whole process for you automatically. It will measure and regulate the pH and ORP, let you know if something changes and inject the necessary product. An optional free chlorine measurement probe is also available for your Control Station.


The Hayward AquaRite® +: a pool and water treatment management solution for salt-chlorinated pools

This solution does exactly the same job, but has been designed for salt-chlorinated pools. The AquaRite® + control box measures and regulates your water parameters: pH and ORP (redox). it fine-tunes chlorine production as necessary by adjusting the salt with no need for any action on your part.


The Hayward AquaRite® UV LS: three technologies working in synergy for superlative disinfection

The innovative AquaRite® UV LS combines three disinfection systems (UV technology, low-salinity salt chlorination and hydrolysis) to leave your pool water clearer, safer and even more pleasant to swim in than standard salt chlorination.


Manage all your equipment with the PoolWatch app and voice control

Simply download the free Hayward PoolWatch app to programme all your equipment quickly and easily. It covers everything you need - temperature, pH, ORP, filtration, lighting and more.

You can even control your pool with your voice using Alexa or Google Home! Everything you can do from your smartphone is also available via voice control. So there's no need to be by the pool, or even to turn on your phone. Caring for your pool just got a whole lot easier!

Read more about our connected solutions: connected solutions from Hayward

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Other connectable equipment

Once you have this basic kit in place, you can then connect other equipment, such as variable-speed pump, a heat pump, lighting, a spa or water feature.

Our connected pool solutions can even be used to manage equipment made by other manufacturers. Here are some examples of connectable Hayward equipment:

Slash energy usage by up to 85%* with the TriStar® VSTD variable speed-pump

A pool pump is a vital part of your filtration system, but it's also the most expensive element to run. A variable-speed pump TriStar® VSTD adapts to the requirements of your pool. By connecting it to an AquaRite® + or Control Station you can take full advantage of its optimisation potential.

*Potential energy saving with typical use 65%.

Use 30% less energy with the EnergyLine Pro Fi Heat pump

Full Inverter Technology automatically tailors the speed of the compressor to the external conditions and current water temperature to keep the pool at the desired temperature, offering energy savings of up to 30%.

We have designed the SmartTemp application specifically to manage heat pumps and bring you key information in real time. You can use it to control the pool temperature, schedules and operating mode.

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